BEACON is a fully automated Business communication platform that automates your business management Network while permitting you to manage your HR and other resources.

BEACON empowers institution with management of administrative activities ranging from Client management, File sharing, Task Scheduling to Attendance, HR Management, Library and more

BEACON can accommodate business offices and activities regardless of their locations giving management the ability to oversee and follow up on progress. It provides instantaneous data sharing amongst management– all the time regardless of time and location.

BEACON supports an online Client community giving an institution the ability to connect with its Clients with incorporated Messaging and Notifications features among staff, clients and administration.

BEACON has an extensive reporting facility for each module including reports on clients, HR, Statistics, Financials (earnings and costs) System log and system use.

BEACON can be accessed via an online log in facility or via your own Website or via a complimentary manageable website from within BEACON.

BEACON is set up with any of four Interface languages (Arabic, English, French and German)